The Tapas Sauces Chimichurri Sauce, 6.35 oz

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This Chimichurri Sauce is fresh and spicy

This chimichurri recipe is made with a blend of finely chopped parsley, peppers, and other aromatic ingredients.

Try this sauce with grilled beef, pork, chicken, and seafood.

The Tapas Sauces Chimichurri Sauce is a pepper and chili sauce that pairs wonderfully with grilled steaks, pork, chicken, and more. This sauce recipe contains a robust blend of fresh parsley, red peppers, spicy chilis, garlic, and other aromatics.

Try this spicy chimichurri sauce on a tapas platter or charcuterie board. You can also enjoy this traditional chimichurri sauce as a spread on a steak sandwich, burger, or panini. Use this sauce as a dip for French fries, chicken tenders, and roasted veggies. Toss chicken wings in this sauce for a bold appetizer that's perfect for game day. Or drizzle this chimichurri over a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs and crispy potatoes.


Parsley, vegetable oil shortening (olive and sunflower), vinegar, red pepper, chilli pepper, garlic, lemon natural juice, agave syrup, aromatic herbs, salt, spices and xanthan gum


6.35 oz (180g)


Product of Spain

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