Strega Torroncini Bag, 150g

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These Torroncini Candies have a rich, sweet flavor

Enjoy these mini Italian torrone with coffee, tea, or spiced chai.

These soft nougat candies are perfect for a decorative candy bowl or jar.

Strega Torroncini are chocolate-covered Italian nougat candies made with honey and hazelnuts. They're also flavored with an aromatic blend of herbs, including juniper, saffron, and mint—the same mix used in Strega liqueur.

These individually wrapped torrone nougats will look great in a candy bowl in your home or office. Pair these sweet treats with coffee or tea. Or even use them as a topping for a yogurt parfait or ice cream sundae. They also make a thoughtful addition to a holiday gift basket.


sugar, cocoa mass, honey, cocoa butter, hazelnuts, egg albumin, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural flavorings, natural flavoring (aromatic plant distillate).




Product of Italy


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