Strega Strega Croccantino, 300g - 12 Pieces

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Strega Croccantino is an Italian hazelnut chocolate candy

This hazelnut chocolate bar has notes of mint, juniper, and other aromatics used in Strega's liqueur.

Enjoy this hazelnut chocolate candy with coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa.

Strega Croccantino are hazelnut chocolate bars flavored with Strega liqueur, giving it notes of juniper, saffron, mint, and other aromatics. These chocolate hazelnut bars pair beautifully with espresso or spiced chai. You may also enjoy these Italian sweets with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.


sugar, hazelnuts (20%), cocoa mass, cocoa butter, Strega natural flavor (aromatic plant distillate), emulsifier: soy lecithin , natural flavorings.


300g - 12 Pieces


Product of Italy


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