Straight from France Verbena Leaves, 3 oz

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These French Verbena Leaves have a mild, lemon-like flavor

These loose leaves from the Verbena plant are delicious in caffeine-free teas and herbal liqueurs.

Try this herb in poultry or seafood dishes, as well as salad dressings.

Straight from France Verbena Leaves can be used to flavor teas, alcoholic drinks, and other beverages. These leaves are caffeine-free, meaning you can enjoy them at any time. For a simple tea, add 3 or 4 leaves to an infuser or steeper.

Also called lemon verbena leaves, this herb has a mild, citrus-like flavor that pairs well with a variety of seafood and poultry recipes. Try these loose leaves as part of a fragrant salad dressing or marinade. Or even use them as a garnish to add brightness to a dessert dish such as pudding or ice cream.


loose Verbena leaves


3 oz


Product of France

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