Mitica Naked Goat Cheese, 5 Lbs

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This Spanish Goat Cheese is mild and creamy

Enjoy this Spanish cheese with red wine, white wine, or sparkling cider.

This goat milk cheese is delicious on a charcuterie platter or cheese board.

Mitica Naked Goat Cheese Queso De Murcia Curado is a semi-soft goat cheese produced in the Murcia region of Spain. This cheese has a rich aroma and a flavor that's mild and creamy with just a hint of salt at the finish.

It will go well on a charcuterie board paired with crisp grapes, Anjou pears, and a glass of Malbec. Or crumble this goat cheese over a crostini appetizer with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbs.


goat milk (pasteurized), rennet, salt, enzymes


4-5 Lbs each average 


Product of Spain

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