KuchenMeister Classic Marzipan Stollen in Cello, 26.4 oz

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This KuchenMeister Stollen is baked with luxurious marzipan

This airy stollen bread is coated with powdered sugar.

Enjoy this German Christmas bread on a festive dessert platter with chocolate and caramel sweets.

KuchenMeister Classic Stollen with Marzipan is a traditional German Christmas bread. KuchenMeister bakes this stollen recipe with candied citrus peels, raisins, and rich pockets of marzipan. Serve this golden-brown dessert bread after a holiday dinner. Enjoy it with coffee or tea for any occasion. Or try the indulgent combination of stollen with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This German marzipan stollen pairs wonderfully with dessert wines, such as a ruby port. You can also make it part of a dessert platter with chocolate truffles, shortbread cookies, and other sweets. Or share this German stollen bread as part of a gift basket. It's especially great with  Niederegger marzipan candies.


Wheat flour, raisins, sugar, palm fat, water, glucose fructose syrup, dextrose, almonds, rapeseed oil, orange peels, sorbitol, lemon peels, wheat starch, yeast, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sodium stearoyl, lactylate, natural flavor, salt, hydrogenated pal fat.


26.4 oz


Product of Germany

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